About Jonah

Jonah was born on April 26th, 2011 and is such a blessing to our family!  This blog was originally started to update friends and family on Jonah during his heart surgery.  I have found it to be a great place to document Jonah’s life and our emontions and thoughts as we take each day and everything thrown our way in this Journey with Jonah. 

In January of 2011 we found out via an ultrasound that Jonah had a heart defect and he had a couple of other ‘hard markers’ indicating that he had Down syndrome in the womb.  When Jonah was born he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.  We weren’t devistated or anything like that.  Life is a gift – in our human nature we (moms and dads) sometimes may feel that our child wasn’t made ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ but we are truly blessed by this little man and wouldn’t have him any other way.  Each battle we endure with Jonah is changing us to be more like Him.  We were made to bring glory and honor to our Creator and Savior and that is what we intent in our life with Jonah. 

Jonah has recently turned one!  He has had a long year, enduring heart & a feeding tube surgery, getting RSV and then being isolated for most of this year due to his contant need for oxygen and being attached to his feeding tube.  We are ready for the a new season indeed.  Soon he will have his feeding tube replaced with a button!  Soon he will not have to rely on an oxygen machine to keep his O2 levels up.  Praise the Lord for this new season for Jonah!



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