Day 2 Begins

First off all, I give thanks to God for a successful surgery and am so thankful that we found a surgeon locally that was able to repair his heart.  Also thanks to friends and family for your support and prayers; we truly appreciate it!

Yesterday was a long day indeed.  I was able to get up to see Jonah in the CVICU Unit at a little before 2 PM.  He is currently under sedation most of the time.  They are working towards getting his breathing tube removed, but first need to ensure all his various levels they are constantly checking, via blood and outputs, are in order before doing it to ensure that he is able to take over the breathing on his own as they don’t want to have to take it out then turn around and have to put it back in.

Yesterday he would wake up after his meds began to wear off and he would cry, which would elevate his blood pressure. It’s a fine line trying to get him to begin taking over the breathing function again and also trying to keep him calm so his alarms don’t start going off.  Based on what I heard in the doctor rounds this morning they are going to try to take the breathing tube out at some point today.

Another thing that they will keep a close eye on today is trying to get more fluid removed from his body via urine output and drainage than they put in.  This will make it so the heart isn’t put under any additional strain to ensure the stitches in his repaired valve aren’t compromised in any way.  They also tightened up the lower left chamber with sutures because it was a bit enlarged and weakened by the lack of function that was required of it due to the leakage of the valve.

He also has a pacemaker installed that can be taken out easily when the time comes and currently it is not being used as his heart is doing all the work on its own.

For today our hope and prayer is for Jonah to get the breathing tube out as I know it is bothering him and that he would be able to get something to eat,whether orally or via his g-tube.

Below are a few pictures from yesterday following his surgery. I look forward with anticipation of the transformation we will see when tubes are removed, meds are shut off and he becomes more alert and like the Jonah I’m accustomed too.  I was reading in Colossians chapter 1 yesterday and as I read verse 13-14 I was wondering if God see’s our transformation in this way when we are/were rescued from darkness and what it looks like in His eyes.  The verses says: “For He rescues us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”  I believe it is probably more so and more than we could every imagine!  To be transferred from darkness to the true Light and redeemed, praise God, He is good!


Jonah post-op on Day 1

Jonah post-op on Day 1

Jonah post-op on Day 1

Jonah post-op on Day 1

Please continue in prayer for healing and recovery!

God Bless!


One comment on “Day 2 Begins

  1. Sheryl Chandler
    March 27, 2013

    Thanks for the update, Dan. We continue to lift Jonah to God’s throne of mercy and grace.

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