Surgery a Success!

Jonah’s surgery on Friday went great.  The procedure itself probably took about 15-20 minutes.  He currently has a tube protruding out of his belly which will be there for 8 weeks. Then he will go in for an outpatient procedure to have it replaced with a cap.  Think of it as a bottle of ketchup, we’ll just pop it open and be able to shoot his food directly into his stomach. 

Pre-Surgery Pics


With the tube that is in his belly now we are pumping his formula in at a fairly slow rate (about 1 ounce per hour).  We are already noticing that he has more energy…and he is also sleeping better at night.  In the past month and a half he has been waking up every few hours at night, so sleep for us has been lacking.

The hospital stay was non-eventful. Jonah was a bit uncomfortable on the first day, but was given meds to take an edge off of the pain.  He did great!  We were discharged Saturday afternoon; it took a bit longer than expected as they were trying to coordinate a nurse and the feeding tube supplier to come over to show us how to use the equipment.  Being a Saturday they weren’t having much luck finding a nurse…and we waited…and waited. We finally told them that we could go without the nurse if the nurse at the hospital could give us a quick training session.  Had we not, we probably would have been there until Monday!  Joyce took out her notebook and jotted down the directions…not too complicated, and Jonah was officially discharged a little after 4 pm….6 hours after what we expected :)

~ D

My new Sock Monkey!

My new Sock Monkey!

Big bro’ Zeke came to visit me! What’s he doin’ in my bed?

Home Sweet Home!


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