Jonah has RSV

On Tuesday when Jonah was admitted into the hospital they did a nose swab to test for viruses.  We found out on Thursday night that he had RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus).  Not much they can do for him in terms of antibiotics for RSV so it’ll be up to Jonah’s immune system to fight off this virus.  He’s seems to be doing fairly well, he is getting breathing treatments every 4 hours which are helping a little bit.  He is also on oxygen, he can’t keep his oxygen saturation levels up on his own; and he really drops off at night when he’s sleeping.  There is a possibility that he’ll be going home in the next few days but that will more than likely be with oxygen. 

This probably wouldn’t be to much of an issue as it will probably only be needed for a few weeks but with Jonah nothing is that simple.  He thrashes around when we tried to have him wear the cannula in his nose.  He hates it and fights with all his might…  Now he has tubes spraying the oxygen in his face 24/7 but we have to continually monitor and move it when he moves his head so it is a bit challenging, especially at night when trying to get some rest too.

Once his fever broke a few days ago he seems to be doing better and is acting like Jonah.  They started him on steroids which seems to be making him more iritable than usual. I know he also is missing his favorite pasttime: walking…or being walked as we are tied down to one or two steps from his bed due to his need to be monitored constantly. 

Hopefully we’ll be able to get him out of there tomorrow!!!


One comment on “Jonah has RSV

  1. Sheryl
    January 16, 2012

    I’m praying for little Jonah…and you guys, too. Nothing is simple or easy when you’ve got a loved one in the hospital. May God heal him completely and give his tiny body strength to fight this off. Steroids have difficult side effects. They can make it hard to sleep, which complicates everything. May God grant you all rest and strength. Praying you’ll be home soon…and even able to make the C4L dinner Friday! I’m going for the miracle, by faith!

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