Jonah’s Quick Trip to the ER

We had an  uneventful Thanksgiving day, eating dinner with my mom and just enjoying the time together.  That night Ben & I went out preaching at the mall with Jeremiah’s Call and returned home at around 11:30.  It was a long and cold night and I was ready to get warmed up and go to sleep.

Jonah usually goes down after his last bottle between 11 and 12.  He was already in bed when I got home.  At around 1 am he began coughing and crying so I picked him up to walk him.  He ended up throwing up. I turned on the light to change his clothes and there were traces of blood in his spit up.  We decided that we needed to get him checked out, so we gathered his bag and out the door we went in the middle of the night to the ER.

I ended up taking him to Levine Children’s Hospital rather than one that is closer to us.  They have a dedicated children’s ER unit, meaning Jonah wouldn’t have to ‘compete’ with others in the ER for treatment. I checked their website and it stated there was a 16 minute wait, so I figured that was our best option. Jonah and I arrived at Levine around 2:15 am and were called back by 2:30.  We probably would have been sitting in the ER near our home for at least an hour.  Another reason I brought him to Levine was that they had all of his records, as this is where he had his heart surgery, and we had a fairly good experience at this hospital, so I figured that would be our best option.

On the way to the hospital Jonah did throw up again; and there was more blood this time than the time earlier, so I was anxious to get him back and examined to see what was going on.  Just about everyone in the house has a cough, all in different stages that has been in our home for a couple of weeks.  Jonah was the only one who hadn’t gotten it.

Once we got into the ER room four or five different doctors and nurses came in and listened to his lungs.  He also got x-rays taken, they opened up an IV port and got a urine sample in a way that wasn’t pleasant for Jonah, or for me to witness, as it took the nurse three tries to get any urine. When she finally got it she didn’t have the tube to collect it attached.  She quickly got it hooked up and got a what was needed.  Jonah was quickly given an antibiotic and a breathing treatment and hooked  up to oxygen, so the way it was going wasn’t looking good.

Jonah was able to sleep on me for most of the night other than the times that they came in and checked him out.  He didn’t like being put down for examinations and tests, but he quickly stopped crying once I picked him up.  The doctor suspected he had pneumonia in his left lung, so they decided because of Jonah’s history that they wanted to admit him into the hospital for observation.  We ended up waiting in the ER until 6 am when we were finally transferred to his room.  When we got there we had to go over his history again  and they also weighed him (he’s up to 11 lbs).  We were finally able to  try to get some sleep around 7 am.

The nursing staff didn’t bother us much until the afternoon. so we got a few hours of sleep in when Jonah wasn’t eating.  I’m not even sure if he had pneumonia or not, they just wanted to see his oxygen saturation stay above 90%, then he could go home.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. As the day went on Jonah seemed to be pretty much back to his normal self.  They ended up releasing him at 3:30 pm; so we ended up being in the hospital for a total of 13 hours.

Sometimes it’s a scary road with Jonah, trying to not worry and trust God in all things, including that He will take care of Jonah.

When I look at Jonah I see love…His smile is contagious!

Like this one!

Even in the ER after some of the things they did to him, he would immediately smile at me when I smiled at him.  I think of how Jesus wanted to be pleasing to His Father and I can see a little bit of that in little Jonah; even at the young age of 7 months old.  Jonah humbles me every day.  When I find myself getting upset about him not eating or doing what he’s ‘supposed’ to do I just have to look at him.  He’ll then flash that  smile and I know everything is okay.  Then I think how ridiculous it was for me to get upset at a little baby…especially one as precious as Jonah!

Praise be to God for His guidance and love for us!

On another note I wanted to post a quick snip-it about our 2 year old son Zeke.  He is the life of the party around here on most days.  He can say his entire family’s names in his own way, as I’m sure many of you have experienced the same sort of thing.  Here is how we’re addressed in the home by Zeke:

Zeke at a recent trip to the NC Zoo

Daddy = Home  (this came about because when I got home from work they would say ‘Daddy’s home’…just the ‘home’ part stuck with him)

Mommy = Bombom or Mama

Jocelyn = Yah’sheen

Hayley = Hay’hee

Ben = Bane

Elijah = Lie’jah

Ezekiel = Zekey

Jonah = Baby

Skip and Charlie = ruff ruff

Yoshi = Bobo

And a few others:

Elmo = El’ome

Cookie Monster = Mah’sheen

Mario = He’hoo

Monkey = Ha’hoo

God bless! ~ D

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