In the Words of Jonah & a few pics…

Finally got Jonah smiling in a pic!

Recently I was wondering what Jonah would say if he were able to speak to us…’s my best guesses:

  • I wouldn’t mind if you held me all day, every day…just sayin’!
  • And if you can walk me for a good chunk of that time that’d be grand!
  • I know I’m really hungry right now but if you smile at me I’m going to smile right back at ‘cha…even if it means my first gulp of milk is going to spill right out of my mouth.
  • I love it when my brothers snuggle and kiss me!
  • I like to grip my sleeves as you try to change my clothes to see how long it takes you to get my arm out, I think it’s kinda funny to watch.
  • There are a few things I hate; I know that’s a strong word for a 6 month old but it’s the truth:  they are my car seat, baths and being put down.
  • Even though it was a tough road, ever since I got my heart fixed I’m feeling better.
  • I can’t wait to eat some other types of food; all three of my meals and snacks consist of this milk stuff…getting kind of bland.
  • Thank you God for creating me and giving me to a family that loves me
  • Let’s not worry about my past or what my future holds, let’s focus on today…Isn’t that what God said anyway?

In terms of an update on Jonah he’s continues to exceed or get close (95% or better usually) to the calories he needs each day.  Next Monday will be a big weigh in for him as it’s been over 3 weeks since his last weight check.  He is also seeing a physical therapist now and is finally gaining strength in his neck and working on the rest of his body.

Jonah turned the big 0.5 on 10/26 and Zeke turned 2 on the 22nd!  Time truly has flown by…

Here are a few recent pics from a camping trip and Zeke’s birthday:

Zeke puckering up

Elijah saluting on the fallen tree

Elijah and Zeke fishing

I caught one (please be aware that this fish is larger than it appears in this pic :) )

Zeke with his awesome Elmo cake that Grandma made!

Chillin’ after a fun filled birthday…

This is the painting that Elijah painted for Zeke for his birthday. It is Yoshi…Zeke calls him Bobo

Jonah & big bro Elijah

This is a collage of pics of Jonah courtesy of Captured by KD


One comment on “In the Words of Jonah & a few pics…

  1. Sandra
    October 27, 2011

    He is absolutely gorgeous! And, Elijah has talent! Love & Hugs!

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