Jonah, Jonah, Jonah!

Jonah sleeping in his bassinet tonight

It’s hard to believe that Jonah will be five month’s old in a few days, and he’s over two months past his heart surgery.  He is continuing to struggle to gain weight.  He’s had a couple of good weeks, but for the most part he’s gaining about an ounce and half on average each week, which isn’t much.  He weighs less today than Ben did when he was born.

I have to admit that these first 5 months of Jonah’s life have been very stressful times.  From the time we got the diagnosis of his heart defect it’s been like a roller coaster; progress is minimal, so when Jonah breaks through a wall it is a call for celebration.  It seemed that we couldn’t even see the wall when he was in the hospital…but he pushed through it 27 days later.  Again it seemed like he would never gain any weight…he hasn’t pushed through this one on a consistent basis, but we know he’s capable.  We’ve seen him endure open heart surgery.

As I write these stepping stones in Jonah’s life, it’s hard remember to look back at what we’ve been through,  to remember what the Lord has brought us through already.  It’s even harder to look into the future as to what is to come.  Will he ever gain weight consistently?  Will he gain strength and endurance to sit, crawl, walk or even hold up his head?  So many what’s next moments.

So to update you on little Jonah, he’s been sick for almost a week with a terrible wet cough. When he eats, his sinuses drain down his throat, he begins to cough then spits up most of his bottle once or twice a day.  He was making great strides this month in terms of volume until this sickness came on.  One day this month he drank 16 oz which is a record for him.  So please pray for Jonah in however the Lord leads you.

Lastly please keep little Mason and his family in your prayers this week.  He will be having his open heart surgery this Thursday September 22nd.

In Christ  ~ D

Here are a couple of other recent pics:


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