Prayer Request for a Friend in Kansas named Mason!


Little Mason

Mason is scheduled to get his heart fixed via open heart surgery on Thursday, September 22nd. 

Mason was born four days earlier than Jonah on April 22nd and will be exactly five months old when he has his surgery. God has yoked our families and our baby boys together for a purpose, as the lives of our babies coincide with one another, both born with an AV Canal defect and both having Down Syndrome.

I found his blog when we found out of Jonah’s heart diagnosis in January while searching for information on the internet. We have been keeping up with Mason’s blog and his family ever since.

Just as the Lord brought Jonah through his heart surgery we are believing in faith that God will pull Mason through his surgery.  Please be in prayer for Mason, his parents Meagan and Cory along with his big brother Colby who is 2 years old.  Mason won’t remember this time in his life but his family will and I know waiting another three weeks before surgery is going to be tough on them. 

Psalm 5:11-12: But let all who take refuge in You be glad, let them ever sing for joy; and may You shelter them, that those who love Your name may exult in You.  For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O LORD, You surround him with favor as with a shield.

Below are a few snippets from Mason’s blog….Mrs. B bares her heart and soul as she chronicles their life with Mason. From sadness and disappointment to joy and celebration; the Lord has seen them through so much since January 5th when they learned of Mason’s diagnosis.

And you can stay updated via their blog at:


January 19th

After the “normal” appt stuff was over, Dr. G sat down to talk to me. Today we had a talk I been wanting to avoid. We talked about the odds of Mason not surviving till birth. The odds are not in Masons favor. There were things decided today that I wish I didn’t even have to think about..but we do.

We made a “birth plan” for if Mason doesn’t survive:

Janurary 31st

I feel stuck.

Stuck because we cant really plan on anything for the future of Mason. Its a sad feeling to not know the out come will be. Either way we will rejoice in the time God gave us with our son wither it be only time in my belly or it be 30 years with us on earth. We will be thankful for whatever God gives us.

The bigger part of me wants to believe that the hygroma will disappear, Mason will be born and find that his heart defect isn’t as bad as they thought and all he has is the down syndrome. In my heart I know this isn’t possible. Dont get me wrong. We are still praying for a miracle…but in all reality Mason has some major things going on right now.

We have gathered a few things for Mason in case he doesn’t make it to birth.

February 2nd

We were told we need to prepare for Masons arrival, soon.

With the fluid backup & the Edema, Mason is heading down hill. We knew that there was a major possibility that this was going to happen. And now it is happening.

We are going to do weekly sonograms to check on Mason. So we will know if he does make a turn for the worse. If Mason condition worsens we will deliver. We were told we will most likely deliver before 30wks now(if Mason makes it that far). That is only 5 wks away. There isn’t much that they can do for him if he is delivered but at least we will get to spend some time with him.

We are still praying that Mason pulls through and beats the odds.

February 5th

Since our news on Wed. we have been getting things together for Mason. We have realized that though we pray everyday for our little boy to pull through….its very possible we will meet him in the next few weeks.

Our have had to talk about a few thing i never though we would ever have to do. Arrangements for Mason if God calls him to heaven.

As a parent you never think about burying your child. In my mind…a parent shouldn’t ever have to bury a child. But this is life…and life is hard. Life is harder than I ever knew possible. There is more pain , tears, and heartache than our hearts can handle.

We have started making plans for Mason’s “early arrival”. Our wonderful family is helping as much as they can. Its easier now that everyone knows what our wishes are, without having to repeat them during this journey.

We are gathering a few thing for Mason, special things. Cory’s mom has already made the blanket (light green like in the dream) along with a smaller version to keep in a memory box. (Trying to find a green one with elephant on it??) I have learned how to knit hats this week …and have knitted Mason a tiny hat. We found some small white booties also..but im afraid they will be to big (not sure where to find smaller ones?). We are still looking for a “micro preemie” gown to dress him in.

** My hope are that one day I can pull out that memory box and show Mason what a true miracle he is ***

As we gather these thing my heart breaks a little more. I dont want to make arrangements or pick out gowns , but I want to be prepared. I want to enjoy the time we have with Mason. So if that means planning ahead so we can, I will.

My eyes are tired.

Tired from crying everyday.

I try to distract myself with thing…but the thoughts of what is to come overtake me.

Please God give me the strength to do this…for I don’t think Iam strong enough for this pain.

February 9th

Today some of our prayers were answered! We went for our sonogram today to check on Mason’s condition. We knew what the 2 outcomes could be. We knew “something” would happen today… and GOD BLESSED US!!

I am so happy to report that Mason’s hygroma is SMALLER (by quite a bit) , his edema is no worse, and there are NO HYDROPS (fluid on the organs)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mason is growning like a weed also, he was 1lb 3oz a week and a half ago, and is now 1lb 12oz!!

Our prayers are being answered!!

March 9th

I fear….

Mason’s heart wont be able to be fixed.

That they find more things wrong with him

He will need surgery right after he is born (in KC 1hr away from our home)

Cord doppler pressure will be elevated (immediate delivery)

Hygroma will cause more problems

These fears take over my thoughts all day. All I want to do is pretend everything will be just fine. Continue on with life like we never got the diagnosis that had changed our lives.

When strangers ask what Im having…I want to cry.

I answer: a little boy…but inside i am thinking .. a very sick little boy… were praying we get to keep him here on earth.

When they ask when I’m due….

I answer : May 20th…then try to ignore their stares at my very large belly & comments of twins…while i really want to say “we may deliver any day now”…

But by answering the “polite” way I avoid having to tell all the things going on with Mason… I avoid the looks of pity, and they apologies they offer. I get to pretend for a few seconds that Mason is just another “normal” baby, that he isn’t having to fight for his life, or that my heart isn’t breaking.

I feel life getting harder…and I’m getting weaker. I’m ready to be done “holding my breath”!

March 17th

Mason has passed the 30wk mark!!!!

The 30wk mark that the Drs said he would never pass. That all his “conditions” would not allow him to survive.

To go from planning for a funeral…to planning the celebration of his upcoming birth! It honestly amazes me.

The hygroma that was to sure to make our Mason pass away….is now almost gone. A true miracle !


So yes…Today we CELEBRATE!!!!!

Keep strong my sweet boy. Your amazing the world!


As you read already; this miracle whom was basically sentenced to death in the womb by doctors in January is alive and well today! Yes in the flesh Mason didn’t have a chance, but with God “All things are possible!” Praise the Lord for little Mason, and again please be in prayer for Mason and his family this coming month as they face this giant head on! ~ D


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