7 Weeks Out

Jonah is 7 weeks post-op today, Praise the Lord!  We thought he was going in the right direction in terms of his weight gaining until the weigh in yesterday where he lost an ounce and a half from last week.  We just want to see Jonah begin to gain weight.  We rejoice when he drinks 3 ounces in one feeding and when he goes over 13 ounces in a day….in saying that here is a rundown of his weigh ins for August:

  • 8/2 –    8 lb 3 oz

  • 8/9 –    8 lb 4.5 oz

  • 8/15 –  8 lb 6 oz

  • 8/24 – 8 lb 14.5 oz

  • 8/30 – 8 lb 13 oz

As you can see he wasn’t gaining much the first 3 weeks then he gained 8.5 oz last week.  We really thought he had gotten over the hump but he lost a bit of weight yesterday.  He has seemed to begin to take more volume but as he grows he will need to do that.  The option of a feeding tube may be put back on the table, as we thought for sure it wasn’t going to come to that.  Hopefully it doesn’t; Jonah has an appointment with Dr. Hammill tomorrow and I’m sure it will be discussed.

Also Ezekiel, Elijah and Ben (he’s had it the worst) have been sick for most of the last week.  We are trying to keep Jonah away from it as much as possible.  Please keep them and Jonah’s eating situation in your prayers! ~ D

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