Day 4 Update

A lot has happened since I last posted yesterday morning.  Jonah was allowed to eat on Friday afternoon, so he went  2 1/2 days without eating; he was a happy camper!  Also on Friday Jonah got the drain tube taken out of his chest, which was not a pleasant experience for him, but they told us this tube was the one that is the most painful while in and to be taken out.  They also removed another tube that was in his neck.  Now only two remain, the one in is ankle, which is where they administer medications and the one in his thigh where they draw blood from.  The one in the thigh was removed on Saturday morning.  Also those sticker bars on his head were taken off on Friday.  Therefore, he actually looks like Jonah again and Mommy was able to hold him again too!

Joyce gets to hold Jonah again!

Jonah’s head clear of everything!

Friday night they said Jonah was on schedule to be discharged from the CVICU (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit) and moved to the next stage called Progressive Care on Saturday.  We had stayed the night at the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday night, but decided to try to get some rest at home and see the other children on Friday.  We went back in at 8:30 on Saturday to be present for the doctor’s rounds; this is the time when the major decisions for the day are made. They decided Jonah was stable enough to make the move to Progressive Care and at around 1:30 pm the transition was made, only 72 hours post-op.  It is so amazing that he looks so good only 3 days after an open heart surgery.  God is good!!!

Jonah in his new huge bed and room

Jonah’s brothers got to visit today

The nurses are managing his pain well; his main struggle right now is to keep his oxygen saturation levels up above 90% which he is doing okay with.  Sometimes after eating it drops a bit.  They are giving him oxygen to help with this; please be in prayer for this situation.  Also he is eating fairly well, please also pray for him to continue feeding well and to begin gaining weight consistently.

On Friday I was able to question Jonah’s surgeon Dr. Peeler what our next steps are due to the mild to moderate leak of the valve that he told us about after the surgery.  He stated that Jonah will be monitored closely and there is a chance that he will have to have another surgery in the future (years not months).  He’ll get an echo done before he is discharged and we should know more then.

In closing, it’s looking like Jonah is getting close to coming home (hopefully early next week).  Please continue to flood heaven with your prayers when Jonah comes to your mind.  God has seen him through so much already, and in such a short time.  Praise Him!  In Christ ~ D

One comment on “Day 4 Update

  1. Mrs.B
    July 17, 2011

    Praying for you guys!!! He is doing wonderful!!!! We been praying several times a day for Jonah & your family. You guys have really touched us…as we go through this journey with our boys at the same time.
    God Bless
    Meagan & Cory
    Colby & little Mason

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